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Smart Take | COP 28: Tackling the Climate Change Challenge

November 29, 20231:56

World leaders are gathering in Dubai for the annual UN Summit on Climate Change, known as COP28. Their goal is to figure out how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the already baked-in global temperature increase, and decide how to compensate countries suffering the most and contributing the least to climate change. Lauren Risi, Program Director of the Environmental Change and Security Program, gives us a sense of what to expect. She explains the latest "global stocktake," an assessment of progress made toward mitigating global warming since the Paris Agreement of 2015. She also comments on the gaps in climate financing, the new summit day dedicated to conflicts and disasters, and how far we still need to go to bring the climate challenge under control.


Lauren Herzer Risi

Lauren Herzer Risi

Program Director, Environmental Change and Security Program
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