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A Global Imperative for Action: Response and Prevention to the Military Coups in Africa

Date & Time

Mar. 11, 2024
1:00pm – 2:00pm ET


6th Floor Flom Auditorium, Woodrow Wilson Center
and Online


The increase in unconstitutional changes of government and coups in Africa underscores the need to better understand the underlying socio-economic structural drivers of this trend and pathways for redressing them. Join the Wilson Center Africa Program and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for a public event that will explore effective prevention strategies against unconstitutional changes of government in Africa. 

The event will examine how to center development in important long-term measures like security sector reform and tailored regional and international responses like sanctions and suspensions from regional bodies.  The discussions will also highlight findings from a UNDP research paper, Soldiers and Citizens: Military Coups and the Need for Democratic Renewal, which finds that persistent insecurity, stagnant growth, and exclusionary economic governance—as well as low development indicators—are associated with higher coup risk. 


Thank you for your interest in this event. Please send any feedback or questions to our Events staff.