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Introducing "The Arc"

2:27November 3, 2023

On this episode of New Security Broadcast, ECSP is launching a new series called "The Arc," focused on the connections between climate change, equity, justice, and identity. We will cover a wide range of topics – from food and water systems to the energy transition, migration, and climate finance – and talk with practitioners, advocates, professors, and community leaders to discover where these topics intersect with issues related to climate impacts and justice.

We will also examine how responses to climate change intersect with justice and equity. From adaptation to mitigation, it is essential to explore how our collective response to climate change—including the financing mechanisms that propel these efforts—provide an opportunity to create more just, sustainable, and vibrant communities.

Broad economic and social transitions are underway as we take action on climate change. Against that backdrop, The Arc will also foreground how our responses must prioritize the needs of historically underrepresented communities—and embed their knowledge into any solutions.

Tune into "The Arc" to hear stories about the diverse dimensions of climate change, its connections with inequality, and meet those working in this space to make an impact.

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